If a heavy object hit a piece of storefront glass and chipped the exterior pane, the damaged area can be repaired by completing the steps below. Carefully cleaning the Commercial Glass in Tecumseh MI and protecting it from heavy items in the future will prevent additional damage.


 *     stepladder

*    tweezers

 *    glass cleaning agent

 *    soft, lint-free cloth

 *    glass repair kit (tools and epoxy)

*    film

 *    tape

 *    squeegee

Cleaning A Glass Pane And Filling A Chip With Epoxy

While standing on a stepladder that is set up next to an exterior side of a glass pane, a pair of tweezers can be used to remove slivers of glass that are in or around a chipped section. A glass cleaning agent should be sprayed onto a soft, lint-free cloth. A cloth should be gently moved across the damaged glass. After the glass has dried, a glass repair tool needs to be secured to the glass. Many repair kits contain a suction cup tool that has an opening in one end of it. The opening should be lined up directly over the chipped glass.

An applicator needs to be secured to the opening in a suction cup tool before squeezing epoxy through the end of an applicator. The last piece of a kit is a plunger, and this piece will push the epoxy through the length of an applicator and apply pressure to epoxy. After several minutes have passed, a suction cup tool and tool accessories can be removed from a pane of glass.

Applying Film And Leveling Epoxy

A thin piece of film needs to be secured over a repaired section. Strips of tape should be placed on each side of the film to hold the material in place. A rubber-tipped squeegee can be moved across the film. During this process, epoxy will be smoothed out in case too much was applied to a damaged section of glass. Epoxy will require a couple hours of drying time. When epoxy turns clear, it is dry and film can be removed from a glass pane.

For additional assistance with repairing or replacing glass, an individual can contact Maple City Glass Inc or another company that provides services associated with Commercial Glass in Tecumseh MI.

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