The Advantages Of Steam Cleaning Over Carpet Shampooing

by | Jun 16, 2015 | Cleaning

People clean carpets for several reasons. For example, in Minneapolis, carpet cleaning can help lengthen the life of these floor coverings. There is also the matter of appearances. Clean carpets look nice and smell so much better than the alternative. Yet, how should you clean your carpets. What method of carpet cleaning is better?

Two Major Types of Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to carpet cleaning, you have a variety of choices. One of the most popular is carpet shampooing. This is a method that has been around for a long time. Alternatively, you can opt for another favored method. This is steam cleaning. Both have their advocates. Both are used regularly in homes and offices across America. Yet, in Minneapolis, carpet cleaning using steam has increasingly become more popular for several reasons that are found lacking in the arguments that support shampoo cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning – Shampooing

Shampooing has long been employed by individuals at home and in the industry. It is among the oldest methods of carpet cleaning. It consists of two basic components:

1. Shampoo – This is designed specifically for cleaning carpets. Although natural or eco-friendly brands are available, the most common are manufactured chemicals that present their own risk. In addition, a brightener may be added with the shampoo.

2. Shampooing Machine or Device – It usually consists of a solution tank for the shampoo as well as a cleaning attachments that ends with a nylon brush

The process is a simple one. The shampooing machine’s brush rotates while releasing the carpet cleaning solution. This produces foam. The foam is intended to reduce wetting and to later dry to a barely visible but sticky residue.

Continuing to spin in a circle, the brush proceeds to scrub the carpet and bring the dirt to the surface. The process ends with the carpet requiring vacuuming to pick up the excess dirt. The vacuuming usually is performed the next day.

Overall the process does clean the carpets. However, it does take more than a single day when the vacuuming is taken into consideration. It also leaves itself open to what is called resoiling. Furthermore, shampoo carpet cleaning can actually damage the fibers of the carpet and the brightener can increase yellowing over usage.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

If you live in Minneapolis, carpet cleaning using steam is a more complex process in term of the machinery used. Put succinctly, steam cleaning is effective because it utilizes steam/hot water, to blast the dirt hidden deep in the carpet free. Once freed, the material, including any mold spores, dander or other minute substances, is vacuumed up and any potential wastewater sucked away. Although a cleaning solution is required, it is definitely in smaller amounts than that required by carpet shampooing machines.

Overall, steam carpet cleaning has the clear advantage of providing a truly deep clean of the carpets. The cleaning machines are able to maneuver where shampooing carpet cleaners cannot including the edges of the carpet and in and around the furniture.

When it comes to carpet cleaning, consider the pros and cons of the different methods. In Minneapolis, carpet cleaning is more likely to be either shampooing or steam carpet cleaning. While both methods do have their fans, arguably, steam carpet cleaning can prove to be the most efficient and effective when done correctly by professionals.

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