If you are planning a beach wedding, your vision like includes images of a beautiful sunset, cool breeze and soft sand; however, have you considered the crowds of onlookers, large wind gusts or mosquitoes that may be present on your perfect day? When you plan an oceanfront affair, it will come with its own, unique set of challenges, which means that you have to plan carefully to ensure that there are no snags or speed bumps during your wedding.

Dress for the Location

You should forget about the traditional, big wedding gown. This will only be causing yourself issues. Also think about using lighter materials, and skipping the lace trim. Charmeuse or chiffon are ideal for a beach wedding and will float with the breeze.

No Heels

The bottom line is that high heels and sand simply do not mix. Instead consider wearing wedges, espadrilles or sandals. These are shoes that will not sink into the sand when you are walking. Remember, the sand can become quite hot, so it may be a good idea to have an aisle runner to help and alleviate this heat.

Consider Putting Your Hair Up

You should carefully consider the elements you are going to be exposed to when choosing your hairstyle. When you choose an updo, it will help you keep your hair looking great all night long. If you are wearing your hair down, you should try to have a stylist present to provide you with touch-ups all day long.

Consider Going without a Veil

While you may want a long veil, if you are planning an outside wedding, it is not something you should use. If it is windy then it will be a pain for you, as well as the photographer.

Choose Informal Attire for the Men

There are a number of brides who will be picturing their groom in a full tux; however, this is not a good idea if you are getting married on the beach. It is hot, so opting for cotton pants or even a pair of Bermuda shorts will be a better option.

Make sure Your Guests are Prepared

You need to be sure that each of your guests are aware of the fact that you will be getting married on the sand. You may want to provide your guests with little goodie bags that include paper hand fans, towels, bottled water and a high quality sunscreen.

Beach weddings can be beautiful, but careful planning will be necessary. For more information about planning the perfect beach wedding, visit the View by Lorne Hotel website.

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