When your dentist say’s you need a root canal he or she is going to make an attempt to save a tooth that has nerve damage, the damage is usually caused from excessive decay or a crack, both of which will allow the tooth root to be exposed to harmful bacteria.

A root canal in Glenview is a very common dental procedure; unfortunately it is a procedure that gets “bad press.” A root canal is no more painful than any other dental procedure, more than 15 million of them are done annually in the US alone and in 95 percent of the time; the tooth can be saved.

What causes the need for a root canal?

There are two primary reasons why a patient will need a root canal in Glenview; decay and trauma.

* Decay: Decay is the main reason for having to have a root canal, a cavity reaches the point where it reaches the pulp chamber and the tooth nerve, bacteria enters into the tooth which results in excruciating pain and infection.

* Trauma: If you are injured, perhaps when playing a contact sport or a vehicle accident, you may suffer a cracked or broken tooth. Trauma can also expose the pulp chamber and nerve which of course results in pain and possible infection.

What happens during a root canal procedure?

When the dentist performs a root canal in Glenview, he or she removes the infected nerve and tooth pulp, this is done using various instruments. Once the root canal has been cleaned it is sealed and then a crown is placed on the top of the tooth. The crown ensures that the tooth can still perform its intended function such as biting or chewing.

The best way to prevent the need for a root canal is good dental hygiene; regular brushing and flossing and periodic checkups are advisable.

It will be necessary for your dentist to perform a root canal in Glenview in the event your tooth is cracked, broken or seriously decayed. You are invited to make an early appointment with Dental Specialists of North Shore.

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