Vehicular accidents are never safe, but when they involve motorcycles they can be downright deadly. Even the most responsible and careful motorcyclist can wind up getting hit due to the negligence of other drivers, and the consequences can be both costly and frustrating. It’s important that victims of motorcycle accidents in Loves Park, Illinois keep their wits about them after the accidents occur and follow the tips below to ensure that they can receive the compensation they need to recover safely and comfortably.

Safety First

Of course, the first thing any vehicle operator should do after having an accident is to remove him or herself from harm’s way by getting out of traffic. This is particularly true of motorcycle riders, who don’t even have the security of four walls to fall back on while waiting for help.

Check for Injuries Immediately

After getting to safety and calling the police to report the accident, victims and anyone else involved should get check for injuries. It’s rare that motorcyclists manage to walk away from even minor injuries without a scratch, so take some time to evaluate whether or not immediate medical care is necessary.

Take Some Pictures

Victims of motorcycle accidents in Loves Park, Illinois who have not been significantly injured should take some time to get a few pictures of the scene and any vehicular damage that has occurred. Taking pictures at the time can help to clarify the circumstances of the accident and offer context later when insurance companies decide who is legally responsible for the accident. However, photographic evidence isn’t worth risking further injury, so only take this step if it is safe to do so.

Do Not Admit Fault

Victims of motorcycle accidents should never admit fault to law enforcement officers, insurance company representatives, or other parties who were involved in the incident. Doing so can cause their insurance companies to deny their claims. In fact, the only person accident victims should really speak to regarding relevant details of the accident is their attorneys.

Get Some Professional Help

After everything is more calm, call an attorney as soon as possible for help understanding legal options. Usually, accident victims are entitled to monetary compensation. Check out for additional information or call to request a free consultation today.

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