When to Call a Title Company in Naples, FL

by | Nov 9, 2016 | Insurance

Title insurance is a type of insurance that homeowners purchase to protect themselves against previously undiscovered issues with a title. For example, your neighbor may suddenly show up on your doorstep claiming they have the right to cross the property, or someone may claim that your land is actually part of their inheritance. The moment you find yourself faced with such an issue, it is in your best interest to call a title company. These professionals will help determine whether any claims are valid or if you have a serious issue to handle. If you try to handle everything on your own, you might miss something important and cause yourself even more problems down the road.

Get Everything Disclosed

Most of these issues should be disclosed when you buy a property, such as whether a contractor had filed a mechanic’s lien to secure the prior owner’s payment for work done. This lien may still be in place even if payment has been made, and you should call a title company in Naples, FL to help you work through the issue. Helpful professionals, such as those at , will keep you protected from such problems and make the process of handling your title easier.

You Need to Buy a New Home

When you choose to sell your home and move to a new location, you need to call a title company to protect yourself from any challenges that might get in the way. The right companies will work around the clock to research and identify any potential risks that may obstruct your claim to ownership. These problems may occur in the present or sometime in the future, and it is important to keep professional eyes on the issue at hand. To avoid potential delays, frustrations, or other problems as you get ready to sign on a new home, the best companies will do everything in their power to help.

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