Individuals who are preparing for retirement are often filled with excitement, joy, and happiness. Companies and businesses of all sizes can help commemorate employees that are preparing for retirement by presenting them with a retirement plaque.
These plagues, which are available in a number of different shapes, sizes, and colors, are great ways for businesses to honor and show their appreciation to their employees. The following are just some of the many reasons why a company and/or business should consider presenting plaques to retirees.

Great Reminders of the Past

Plaques that outline the positions an individual held, the company that he or she worked for, and the number of years of employment can be great reminders of the past. Many individuals who are recently retired like to proudly display their retirement plaques on their walls at their home, as this allows friends and family to see the recent retiree’s accomplishment.

Plaques Serve as a Way to Show an Individual has Certain Credentials or Background Experience

Many retirees do not completely stop working after they retire. Most will try different hobbies or pick up side jobs. Plaques that were awarded at an individual’s retirement from a company can serve as a way to highlight someone’s credentials or experience.
Many retirees will hang their plaque from retirement on their office walls as a way to show clients and vendors where they worked and how long they worked there. It is almost a sense of pride that the individual is able to showcase these plaques on their wall.

Plaques Serve as a Way for Companies/Businesses to Show Appreciation

The biggest and most common reason businesses and companies incorporate the presentation of a retirement plaque to a recent retiree is because it shows the individual the company/business cares. Employees spend numerous years working for a specific company/business. These plaques show the retiree that all that time did not go unnoticed and was appreciated.

Companies and businesses, no matter how big or small, should consider presenting plaques to recent retirees. Companies and businesses can order customized plaques at Martin Awards that can be used for retirement parties or just presented on the individual’s last day of work.


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