Not all dog daycare providers are the same. In Madison, WI, vacationers often leave their dog at a kennel or a doggie daycare facility. However, if you have been one of these people, you may not have been happy with the service. Your dog is part of your family and cannot always travel with you. That is why the facility you ultimately choose should be investigated thoroughly to make sure your pet obtains the care and attention he needs.

A Vacation for Your Pet Dog

When you are investigating dog daycare facilities in Madison, WI, you want to make sure that the place will not cause your dog to feel undue anxiety. Your pet should receive as much love in a dog daycare in Madison, WI as he does at home. Therefore, the facility you choose should also offer your pet a vacation too.

You Dog Should be Made to Feel Welcome

That is why it is important to find a caregiver who really emphasizes loving care of your beloved pet. A dog should receive this kind of regard from the time he wakes up until he is ready to go to bed. Dogs should be checked on the hour every hour and allowed to socialize with other pets or individually with caregivers at the facility.

Dogs are Social Animals

Customized and personalized care should be a specialty. The doggie daycare should duplicate every activity that you do for your pet in your own residence. If the facility is lacking in this respect, then it could cause your dog to get sick and or feel emotionally deprived. Dogs are social animals. Therefore, they should be treated in the manner that makes them feel the happiest. When they felt removed from people or other dogs, they can suffer separation anxiety and become despondent and sad.

Check out the Caregivers at the Facility – Do They Live Up to their Name?

The caregivers should meet daily to make sure the pets in their care are happy and are eating well and feel healthy. Caregivers should be prepared to work with a dog that has health issues and catch any health problems that may arise during an animal’s care.

Again, socialization is important, especially to a dog. Therefore, caregivers need to make a dog feel loved and provide him with an environment that also makes him feel he is on vacation too.

You need to know that the doggie day care is a good facility. In Madison, WI, Aunt B’s Pet Resort and Spa is often recommended by veterinarians as a facility that meets the above criteria. Again, it is important to investigate your choices. Make sure the facility where you leave your pet will give you piece of mind while you are traveling or on a trip.

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