Your Questions Answered About Household Recycling In CT

by | Nov 9, 2015 | Recycling

Individuals and families can do their part to save the planet by recycling their household waste. Before contacting an experienced Recycling CT area company to drop off your recyclables or to request a recycling bin, read the frequently asked questions below to learn all about household recycling.

Q.) What types of household items can families drop off at the recycling center?

A.) A recycling center accepts all types of recyclable items such as paper goods, glass bottles, aluminum cans and plastic containers. Types of paper goods that can be recycled include newspapers, magazines, cereal boxes and envelopes. Household members can recycle various kinds of glass containers including white, green, and brown glass jars. In addition to cans, aluminum foil and aluminum pans can be dropped off at the recycling facility. When recycling plastics, milk jugs, soda bottles, and laundry detergent containers are all acceptable.

Q.) What are some items that aren’t allowed to be dropped off at the recycling center?

A.) Some of the items that aren’t recyclable include electronics, plastic grocery bags, clothing, furniture, and window glass. Waste from the yard, such as leaves, tree branches, and wood are also not allowed at the recycling center.

Q.) Are there any special instructions to follow when collecting recyclables?

A.) Before placing bottles, cans, or jars in the recycling bin, please rinse them out with water to get rid of any residue. Before placing newspapers or other paper items into the bin, tie them up together or place them inside a bag so they don’t scatter inside the recycling bin. Some Recycling CT area facilities participate in single stream recycling. This type of recycling allows families to place all their recyclable items into one container instead of sorting the items and separating them by material. This type of recycling makes it easier for families to recycle and encourages more people to participate in the recycling program to help the planet.

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